Many women dream of developing what they see as the ideal bikini body. And while eating healthily and exercising regularly can go a long way toward achieving your ideal physique, many women are unsure of where to begin. The Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide can help women achieve their dream physiques by guiding them through specialized workout routines and nutrition plans designed for long-term success.

The Kayla Itsines BBG Workout

This program spans 12 weeks and aims to help women improve their fitness and body composition. This program, which users can’t see until they purchase it, combines strength training and cardio training for a balanced approach. The included workout guide is a full 189 pages and includes routines designed to target problem areas as well as general-purpose workouts. The guide includes workouts in three categories: resistance training, cardio, and rehabilitation/stretching. Users are asked to perform a set number of sessions per week.

Each of the included workouts is 30 minutes long, so most people will be able to find a way to fit in a workout a day. Since consistency is key to achieving the results you want, the length of the workouts is important.

The included workout guide also offers suggestions for tracking progress using the scale, progress pictures, and more. This can help participants have multiple measures of assessing their results as they happen. The BBG exercise guide notes that most participants start to see results after a week of training.

The BBG exercise guide takes into account the concept of progressive overload, which maintains that, to be effective, a workout must be challenging. Because the program adjusts the number of workout sessions and their intensity per week, it is designed to keep the workouts challenging. This helps ensure that women using the program continue to see progress, as opposed to just adapting to the program.

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Included Nutrition Guidance Helps Amplify Results

Just about everyone understands that nutrition is a very important part of fitness, but for many people, it’s difficult to understand how exactly to eat in order to lose fat, add muscle, and see results. This is part of why BBG Workout also includes a nutrition guide. This guide is not based on extreme diets or excluding certain food groups – it is designed to help regular people adopt healthy eating habits.

The BBG nutrition guide covers a 14-day healthy eating plan complete with a guide to fat-burning foods and included recipes. The guide comes in vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. It can be purchased separately from the BBG exercise guide, or the two can be purchased together at a discount.

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In short, while it can be somewhat overwhelming to start working toward fitness and physique goals as a novice, having the support of a well-known program can help you to achieve your goals and avoid pitfalls. This program, by including both exercise and diet guides and by explaining the importance of both, can help even those who are very new to the fitness world to work toward an improved figure and toward better health.

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