The Kayla Itsines BBG Workout: Does it hold up?

The Kayla Itsines BBG Workout: Does it hold up?

Many women dream of developing what they see as the ideal bikini body. And while eating healthily and exercising regularly can go a long way toward achieving your ideal physique, many women are unsure of where to begin. The Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide can help women achieve their dream physiques by guiding them through specialized workout routines and nutrition plans designed for long-term success.

The Kayla Itsines BBG Workout

This program spans 12 weeks and aims to help women improve their fitness and body composition. This program, which users can’t see until they purchase it, combines strength training and cardio training for a balanced approach. The included workout guide is a full 189 pages and includes routines designed to target problem areas as well as general-purpose workouts. The guide includes workouts in three categories: resistance training, cardio, and rehabilitation/stretching. Users are asked to perform a set number of sessions per week.

Each of the included workouts is 30 minutes long, so most people will be able to find a way to fit in a workout a day. Since consistency is key to achieving the results you want, the length of the workouts is important.

The included workout guide also offers suggestions for tracking progress using the scale, progress pictures, and more. This can help participants have multiple measures of assessing their results as they happen. The BBG exercise guide notes that most participants start to see results after a week of training.

The BBG exercise guide takes into account the concept of progressive overload, which maintains that, to be effective, a workout must be challenging. Because the program adjusts the number of workout sessions and their intensity per week, it is designed to keep the workouts challenging. This helps ensure that women using the program continue to see progress, as opposed to just adapting to the program.

But you can also find a lot of free workouts with Kayla on youtube:

Included Nutrition Guidance Helps Amplify Results

Just about everyone understands that nutrition is a very important part of fitness, but for many people, it’s difficult to understand how exactly to eat in order to lose fat, add muscle, and see results. This is part of why BBG Workout also includes a nutrition guide. This guide is not based on extreme diets or excluding certain food groups – it is designed to help regular people adopt healthy eating habits.

The BBG nutrition guide covers a 14-day healthy eating plan complete with a guide to fat-burning foods and included recipes. The guide comes in vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. It can be purchased separately from the BBG exercise guide, or the two can be purchased together at a discount.

But you can also find a lot of great meals tips on youtube or reddit:

In short, while it can be somewhat overwhelming to start working toward fitness and physique goals as a novice, having the support of a well-known program can help you to achieve your goals and avoid pitfalls. This program, by including both exercise and diet guides and by explaining the importance of both, can help even those who are very new to the fitness world to work toward an improved figure and toward better health.

Should You See A Gastroenterologist?

Should You See A Gastroenterologist?


Anyone who has experienced stomach issues knows that it can disrupt your entire life. It can keep you from doing the things you love and enjoy, it can interrupt your work schedule and many other things. You may think that you just need to “wait it out” and take it easy until you feel better. Meanwhile, you are missing out on all of your favorite activities. However, the good news is that you don’t have to live with this problem! There is something you can do to help you diagnose the problem, and have it under control once and for all.

Consider Seeing A Gastroenterologist

Have you considered seeing a gastroenterologist?  This type of specialist can help treat problems with heartburn, constipation, or abdominal pain. When you are experiencing these digestive issues, you might first see your family doctor, after that finding a gastroenterologist is super easy – as you are mostly referred. They can also help treat Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. These are common, uncomfortable and painful issues that you may be reluctant to see a doctor about. However, keep in mind that seeing a gastroenterologist is the best way to properly treat your digestive issues as effectively as possible.

What Does A Gastroenterologist Do?

A Gastroenterologist treats symptoms of the digestive system.

These highly trained specialists will provide high-quality care for those suffering from long or short-term GI issues. You should see a gastroenterologist for a thorough colonoscopy in order to detect polyps or cancer. They can help you with these symptoms that should not be ignored. The extensive training of a gastroenterologist involves additional education after attending medical school.

What Symptoms Require A Visit To A Gastroenterologist?

Symptoms of the digestive system are fairly common, yet should not be ignored. Contact a gastroenterologist if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
*Severe Abdominal Pain
*Unexplained Weight Loss
*Rectal Bleeding, fever and joint pain
*Bloating or constipation
*Any other stomach issues that you think may require medical treatment

What Kind Of Tests Will A Gastroenterologist Perform?

While this obviously depends on the symptoms you are having, there are a number of tests that can be performed. A very common and extremely important one is the colonoscopy, which looks at the colon to detect polyps or cancer. This is a routine test that will be recommended by your physician. You may also receive a barium enema, which examines the lower GI tract. Also, there is the upper GI endoscopy, a test which examines the upper GI tract to treat or prevent diseases.


Stomach issues should definitely not be ignored. What may seem like a minor illness or something that will pass in a few days, can indicate a serious problem and should get medical attention as soon as possible. Ask your physician for a referral to a gastroenterologist if these or any other stomach issues apply to you. They are experts in recommending the best course of treatment to bring you relief.

Phenq: Weight Loss Secret or Passing Fad?

Phenq: Weight Loss Secret or Passing Fad?

Scientific Research
Phenq is a diet pill that claims to decrease appetite, burn fat, increase energy, and halt the production of fat. These claims are backed up by scientific research which found someone taking Phenq would lose, on average, 3.44% body weight and 7.24% body fat. In addition, they found there was an increase in muscle mass.

Caffeine is often found in weight loss products, and Phenq is no exception. The caffeine boosts energy, improves focus, and improves stamina levels. Capsimax powder is a mix of capsicum, pipeline, caffeine, and niacin. This increases thermogenesis, which is the process that melts away fat and prevents the formation of fat cells. Thermogenesis was found to help to you burn calories 20% faster than normal. The pill is also packed with fiber, which will make you feel full for longer periods of time. L-Carnitine Furmarate turns fat into energy and leads to quicker weight loss. It also helps keep your sugar levels at an appropriate level. Phenq contains a unique ingredient called a-Lacys Reset—this is responsible for the increased muscle mass and therefore a greater net loss of calories. This is the key ingredient and what makes Phenq stand apart from other weight loss products. It is a metabolism accelerator and speeds up calorie burning.

Safe or not?
Phenq is constructed using all natural ingredients that appear to be safe for most people. FDA does not approve or recommend dietary supplements, but Phenq was not on their list of dangerous products, which means it should be safe to take. It is approved by the GMP labs and meets their safety requirements.
However, you should always consult with your doctor beforehand to determine whether this weight loss pill is safe for you. The side effects noted include: itchiness on arms and legs, nausea, constipation, anxiety, confusion, and headache. It is important to remember that Phenq is a stimulant and should only be taken in the morning. This will reduce some of the negative side effects like anxiety and insomnia.
Some people also noticed this pill cause insomnia and caused them to drink excessive amounts of water. The people with the best results were also exercising and healthy well while on this diet supplement. Read more over at Emily’s Phenq review.

The verdict
Phenq has scientific research backing its claims. Initially, most people saw significant weight loss. They also noticed a number of side effects that ranged from middle uncomfortable to dangerous. The people who achieved the greatest results used the product as directed and in conjunction with diet and exercise.
After three months, most people had to increase their dosage. Many of those still gained all of the weight back. This pill is a temporary fix and will result in short term weight loss. In order to achieve long lasting results, you will need to continue eating healthy foods and exercise after you quit the pill.

Of course a good diet is always important, so check out these youtube videos for more tips on diet in general, food selection and tips:



When it comes down to it, your health is essentially the most important part of your life. Being healthy means you can perform well at work, have great relationships with your friends and family, and find happiness in everything that you do. But when you’re unhealthy, you may struggle to focus, feel tired all the time, and be easily irritated by friends and family.

healthyMany times, we don’t even realize that our unhealthy habits are what is keeping us from being completely happy. We believe we’re working too hard or that we’re genuinely unhappy with the choices we’ve made, but never stop to consider that maybe our bodies are just crying out for a bit of love and attention.

We’ve created this website to help individuals find health and happiness. The goal of this website is to promote better habits that contribute to a healthier lifestyle and show how poor habits can take away from your life and experiences. We want to help our readers replace their bad behaviors with healthy choices that leave them feeling good.

What We Do

Throughout the pages of this website, we share tips and tricks on changing the various areas of our lives that may prevent us from being healthy, including what we eat, the level of exercise we get, and if we are partaking in behaviors that can cause stress or other health-ruining feelings.

Healthy-Lifestyle-bannerBeing healthy is much more than just eating right and exercising regularly. If you’re still engaging in unhealthy habits and behaviors, like not effectively managing your stress, you could still be compromising your wellbeing. We use this website to present a holistic approach to wellness and provide realistic and easy changes that can allow you to feel better.

9Being healthy is about making lifelong changes that you can continue to follow for the rest of your life. When you make little changes here and there, you’re broadening your scope and allowing further changes in the future. We know you won’t wake up one morning, completely ready to drop the junk food and run for miles. But when you make little changes, someday you might be ready for that step.

What We Don’t Do

There are dozens of scams online that say they promote wellness and health. They promise with the use of their product, taking a few pills, and nothing more, you’ll have the body of your dreams in just a few weeks. This website isn’t like those.

pillsWe aren’t going to push products at you or tell you that the latest diet trend will solve all your problems. We know that isn’t realistic. We aren’t interested in selling you anything, only helping you to make the necessary changes to living a healthier, happier life.

If you’re looking for a way to get thin, healthy, and fit overnight, you’ve come to the wrong place. We can’t promise to do that. But if you’re looking for strategies that you can incorporate throughout your entire life, we can help.

The goal of this website isn’t to make promises we can’t keep. It isn’t to scam you out of money with claims we can give you the body you’ve always dreamed of in just a few days. We are here to promote healthiness and help our readers revolutionize their lives.

Cross Training

Cross Training

Cross training is used when individuals develop a supplementary sport or consistently change their workout schedule for maximum performance. Regardless of how intensely the individual works out or it they are an athlete or just trying to get in better shape, cross training can help build muscles, keep boredom from creeping in, and improve flexibility in muscles that aren’t commonly used. Cross training can be used at all different levels of intensity and for all different sports to suit the needs of any individual.

Cross Training for Athletes

Barre-Bee-Fit-1-960x525-1380896036When athletes use cross training, they adopt another sport or two that engages the muscles not used in their main sport. While their focus is still on their main sport of choice, cross training can allow the athlete to build strength and increase flexibility in the muscles that are not frequently used during their regular workouts. This can allow the individual to see improved performance and better results when performing their main sport.

Runners are some of the biggest athletes that engage in cross training. They may pick up swimming, cycling, or strength training in order to increase their upper body strength and increase their body’s overall flexibility. Many athletes also decide to partake in cross training to further promote their fitness and performance while doing workouts that pose little risk to injuring the body parts or joints they need for their main sport.

Cross Training for Non-Athletes

Athletes aren’t the only individuals who can benefit from cross training. Cross training is also recommended for people looking to get into better shape. When an individual adopts a cross training schedule, he or she is less likely to get bored of the workouts and stick with his

or her routine. Non-athletes who use cross training to get in shape will usually look different than cross training for athletes. Instead, it may involve running on one day, attending a fitness class on another, and hitting the gym for a strength training workout the next.

Unlike athletes who use cross training, the individual is not supplementing the main sport with additional activities that can improve sports’ performance. Instead, he or she only needs to consider the workouts they are interested in and fits into their schedule. Cross training can be especially beneficial to individuals who have struggled to stick with a workout schedule or regimen in the past. Because cross training allows for freedom in workouts and creativity, getting healthy can be fun.

When an individual uses cross training, they are taking the initiative to ensure that each muscle of their body gets strong and flexible. Regardless of if the athleticism of the individual, cross training can help him or her to reach his or her fitness goals. The body needs to be in top condition in all aspects of health in order to perform to its maximum potential and the best way to do that is to cross train in a variety of sports that can work out each of the body’s muscles.

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